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How Tech Works

Health and Safety

What is and how does it work? is the official Brooklyn Tech website offering up to date information on all aspects of Brooklyn Tech,
including daily school calendars, athletic and extra curricular news, and important announcements for students
and alumni of Brooklyn Tech. Also available are bell schedules, school history & policies, course syllabi, and tutoring
schedules, as well as a staff email directory and guidance counselor contact list.


Are there specific sections for Parents?

The “ For Parents” section lists all relevant programs parents have access to (Skedula, Pupil Path), Daedalus, Naviance)
as well as PTA contact links, minutes, Tech Talk - a weekly emailed newsletter, and forms.


Are there specific sections for Students?

The “For Students” section lists school extra-curricular items including clubs, student government (SGO), graduation
information, additional online resources and more.


How doe BTHS Email system work?

Brooklyn Tech students are issued an official Tech email account freshman year. Daily school information, school related items and school internet programs use that email account as its primary contact. All students should check their Brooklyn Tech email daily or forward it to an email account that they do check daily.

Only students have access to their email accounts. Parents are not given access.


What is Moodle and how does this system work?

Moodle is a content management website some teachers use to support their classes. Individual teachers will inform students if they are using this program and will provide them with log on information. Only students have access to their Moodle accounts. Parents are not given access.


What is Pupil Path (Skedula)?

Pupil Path is an online website that allows teachers to provide parents with homework, grades, progress reports, and more. Through Pupil Path both parents & students can access student transcripts, graduation eligibility reports, and daily/course attendance. They can also view a student’s course grade book, assignments, and handouts.

Parents and students both have access to Pupil Path during their 4 years at Brooklyn Tech. Parents and students have their own individual access that differs slightly in content. Account information is given out freshman year for both parents and students.


What is Naviance?

Naviance is an online guidance tool specifically targeted to juniors and seniors, to help with the college application process. Account information is usually given out to each student junior year.


What is UTexas?

UTexas is an online website used primarily by Physics teachers to assign problems with dynamic variables to students. It also has scoring and report features. Teachers who use UTexas will provide account information to students.


Who should be contacted about lost or forgotten usernames or passwords and/or connection issues?

Most of the online areas have their own reset password link, but if that doesn’t work, contact the Office of Parent & Student Engagement in room 1W2 for additional assistance.


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