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Brooklyn Tech PA

Who We Are: 

Every parent/guardian of a Tech student is a member of the PA.

What We Do:

The Tech PA plays an active role in enriching the educational experiences of Tech students by:


  • Communicating important information about both the school and PA to families through workshops, meetings, Tech Talk, email blasts, Facebook, and the PA website

  • Fundraising to help make projects and programs in the school possible

  • Building a constructive community of families and teachers working together to support Tech students

How You Can Help:

Your donations are absolutely essential for the success of the PA. 

  • Donations are accepted all year round—to make a secure donation with your credit card or to learn more about how your donations are used, click here.

  • Participate by attending PA meetings and events, running for office or joining a committee - Bylaws

  • Volunteer and help out throughout the year. Click here for more information and here to fill out a volunteer form.

Have questions or suggestions?

Contact us here!

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