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How Tech Works

Basic Information

What time does school start and end?

There are 10 periods in a school day. 1st period starts at 8am. Most students have a 1st through 9th period
or 2nd (start time 8:47am) through 10th period schedule. Students who arrive early may stay in the cafeteria
(7th floor), the auditorium or the library until their first class begins.


When do students get their schedules?

Students receive their official schedules on the first day of the fall and spring semesters in their Prefect (homeroom).
Schedules will be available online a few days before the start of each term.


Where do students enter the building in the morning and exit after school?

All students must enter the building from the west side, center section (Fort Greene Place). Students may leave from any of the exits throughout the building. If a student arrives at school after 3rd period has begun, s/he will have to enter using the NE entrance at DeKalb and South Elliot.


What are ID cards? 

Where do students go if they lose them? What if a student didn’t receive an ID card the first day of school in prefect?

Brooklyn Tech ID cards are the official photo identification cards distributed to each student as a member of the Tech community. Students are expected to have their IDs daily for entering the building and for use in the Brooklyn Tech library. If an ID card is lost, a replacement can be purchased in the SGO store, on the 7th floor. Students then must bring their receipt to 1W2 where a new card will be printed.


What is swiping in?

All students are required to swipe their ID cards when entering the building. Later that day their swipe in times will be available on Daedelus. Students are not required to swipe out when leaving school.


What are students expected to carry with them during the day?

All students are expected to have a valid Brooklyn Tech ID on them at all times as well as program cards (class schedules). A Brooklyn Tech lock and gym clothes are required on days when students have physical education.


How is the building laid out?

There are five sections: north, south, east, west and center, which connects east to west. There are 9 floors as well as a basement where classes are held.


How does classroom numbering work?

Classes are numbered: floor, building sections and room number. For example: 2E14 is 2nd floor, east side, room 14.


Are there elevators in the school?

There are 7 elevators in the building, going from the basement to the 8th floor. One is designated for staff, another is for facilities only and is used primarily by the custodial staff.


What is the elevator policy?

During the school day there are usually 2 elevators for student use that go directly from the 1st to the 7th floor. Student may receive an elevator pass with a doctor’s note that specifies the duration of the need. All elevator passes must be received from Ms. O’Hara in room BW2.


What is prefect?

Tech doesn’t have traditional homerooms. Instead students are arranged in groups called “prefects” which only meet once or twice a term for distribution of important school materials. At the start of the school year prefect lists with room numbers will be posted outside the auditorium and also posted on the Brooklyn Tech website. Prefect information is also listed on each student’s class schedule.


When is lunch?

Students are scheduled for lunch between 4th and 8th periods. The cafeteria on the 7th floor.


Are students permitted to leave the building during lunch?

There is no out lunch at Tech.


Do students have to spend lunch periods in the cafeteria?

Students are allowed in the library during lunch or may choose to provide service for a teacher or department office during their lunch period for service credit.


What is a lunch form? Where can lunch form be found?

Lunch forms are used to determine eligibility for free or reduced price lunches, SAT, Advanced Placement, and College Application fee waivers, and other free programs based on family income levels. If 60% or more students qualify for free lunch, Tech could receive additional funds to support student programs and activities. Forms are available online and in room 1W2.


How do students pay for lunch?

Students can pay for lunch with cash, lunch tickets (those who receive free lunch from filling out lunch forms), or by setting up and activating an account attached to their student ID card. Students may deposit money attached to that ID and utilize it as a declining balance meal card. Money may be added to it at any time in school, or via website.


When do students get Metrocards?

Metrocards are given out twice a year. In September (good thru 1/31) and February (good thru the end of the school year). Each card is registered to a specific student.


What if a Metrocard is lost?

If a Metrocard is lost students must go to 1N1, between 2:30pm and 4:30pm for a replacement.


How do students get lockers?

Students are not assigned lockers, but there are lockers in classrooms throughout the school. The teacher in each room decides on their availability.

Gym lockers are used during physical education class and require the use of a special Master lock, which is available for purchase at the SGO store. These are only used during gym class. After class the lock is removed along with all contents for the next class to use.

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