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Please Stay Calm, Stay Home, Wash Your Hands and Roll up Your Sleeves

March 29, 2020

Greetings from the PA!


This was our first week of online learning, and we wanted to check in with parents to see how it is going. We know there were a few kinks, but for the most part we think our students are adjusting. A survey seeking student feedback has been sent to your child by school, and we hope you will encourage yourchild  to participate. Teachers are available, and work is getting done. Please e-mail us at PApresident@bths.edu with any comments, questions or concerns you may have. We will do our best to get answers from the administration and get back to you in a timely fashion.


We are still planning to hold our first virtual PA meeting by video conference on Tuesday, April 7, 2020; more info about how to participate will be forthcoming as we solidify that plan with help from Tech.

We also wanted to share our deepest condolences at the passing of Andrew Decker; he was a wonderful teacher and a beloved member of our Tech family. He will be greatly missed. If any of our students need to avail themselves of services to help process this loss, Mr. Ventura mentioned that Ms. Martini, a Tech social worker, is available.  We encourage anyone wishing to make a donation to help Mr. Decker's family during this difficult time to use this gofundme page.

Please keep practicing social distancing, wash your hands often and stay healthy. Let's all flatten the curve together.

All the best,

Lisa Sullivan and Cindy Kue



我们希望每个人都健康,并保持安全和健康。 我们所有人都要认真实践社会疏离并帮助"拉平曲线",这是我们每一个人能付出的基本贡献,并且非常重要!


这是我们孩子在线远程教育的第一周,我们想与父母核对一下情况。 我们知道有一些问题,但在大多数情况下,我们认为我们的学生正在适应。 一份关于学生反馈问卷已通过学校发送给所有的孩子,我们希望您会鼓励您的孩子参加。 老师有空,工作已经完成。 请给我们发送电子邮件至PApresident@bths.edu,其中包含您可能有的任何意见,问题或疑虑。 我们将尽最大努力从管理部门获得答案,并及时与您联系。



我们还想对安德鲁·德克尔(Andrew Decker)逝世表示最深切的哀悼。 他是一位出色的老师,也是我们Tech系列的挚爱成员。 他将非常怀念。 如果我们的任何学生需要利用服务来解决这一损失,文图拉先生提到,技术社会工作者马蒂尼女士是可以提供的。 我们鼓励希望在此困难时期使用此gofundme页面的任何人捐款以帮助Decker先生的家人。




丽莎·沙利文(Lisa Sullivan)和辛迪·奎(Cindy Kue)

Remote Learning Model

March 29, 2020

Remote learning officially began on Monday, March 23.  According to all accounts, it's working reasonably well.  If parents have issues, concerns, success or "war stories" they would like to share, please feel free to email papresident@bths.com with "Remote Learning" in the subject line.  Experimental though as it is, the Remote Learning Model has suddenly become mission critical to the continuity of our kids' education, so we encourage everyone to be attentive and to share lore and "best practices" as we work through this process together.  It seems likely that we may be at this for the rest of the academic year.  Although it was originally hoped that schools might re-open on April 20, latest reports are that the DOE and the Mayor may be planning for longer-term closure now.  


School campuses will be closed to students during this time, although we understand that anyone under the age of 18 years may pick up a packed-to-go meal at certain designated NYC public schools during this time.  Note, BTHS is not one of those designated schools.  


All school-sponsored in-person group activities are cancelled until further notice.


Please also note that Parent Teacher Conferences were postponed citywide by Chancellor Carranza and we don't know yet whether they will be rescheduled for sometime later in the spring.  However, parents who are concerned about their student's progress may reach out to individual teachers at any time through PupilPath (see more details about PupilPath below).    


During this period of remote learning, BTHS students are expected to continue diligently studying and completing their schoolwork as usual from home.  Please see this letter from Principal David Newman.  


Parents are also advised to pay attention to DOE guidelines at this link (English) and at this link (other languages).  School will share any updates to that policy.



远程教育于3月23日星期一正式开始了。据了解,它的运行情况还算不错。 如果父母有他们想分享的问题,疑虑或"战争故事",请随时在主题行中向" papresident@bths.com"发送电子邮件,并以"Remote Learning"为题目标题。 尽管这是实验性的,但是远程学习模型突然成为对我们孩子的教育连续性至关重要的因素,因此,我们鼓励大家在我们共同努力摸索出路,保持专心,分享知识和"最佳实践"。 在本学年的剩余时间里,我们似乎可能会处于这种状态。 尽管原本希望学校可以在4月20日重新开放,但最新报告显示,能源部和市长现在可能计划长期关闭.


在此不寻常的时段,学校校园将对学生关闭(据了解,任何有需要支助的18岁和一下的少年可以到指定学校领取一些食物,但BTHS不在此校之列)。 所有于学校有关的面对面或团体活动将被取消,直至另行通知。







Spring Exam Updates

March 29, 2020

Exam Updates



The March 20, 2020 information from the College Board posted at this link remains the latest information about upcoming AP exams. According to the update, the 2019-20 exam administration will be conducted as a 45-minute online free-response exam that students will take at home, instead of reporting to centralized exam centers. DATES HAVE NOT BEEN SET FOR AP EXAMS, and Tech promises to update students with any information the school receives.  2020年3月20日,大学理事会上发布了有关即将进行的AP考试的更新。 根据更新,2019-20考试管理将作为学生将在家里进行的45分钟在线免费考试进行,而不是向集中考试中心报告。

We have also been advised that May administrations of the SAT exam have been cancelled.  我们还被告知,五月份的SAT考试管理已被取消。


We are still looking for news about how high school regents exams may be affected.  我们仍在寻找有关高中regents 消息, 考试可能受到影响。

COVID-19 Disruptions (Updates and Cancellations)

March 29, 2020

Numerous PA-sponsored or parent-related activities at BTHS have been cancelled because of measures being taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.  Below is a partial list for handy reference.  However, given the impending closing of school through at least April 20, parents should assume that all school-related activities involving in-person groups and gatherings will generally be cancelled until further notice.


  • PA Parent Workshops: Originally scheduled for Saturday, March 21, this event has been postponed until further notice. 原定于3月21日的春季家长座谈会被推迟,更改日期待定。

  • See also Ms. Nottingham's March 13 email linked here for a partial list of other school events that have also been cancelled this month. 可参见诺丁汉女士3月13日电子邮件里面罗略一些其他被取消的活动,在此处链接

  • See below "College Corner" for updates on cancellations of Tech College Office events as well as some on-line events available to students and parents. 请看一下 "College Corner"

  • We are continuing to accept donations for the Tech Spring Gala Benefit despite disruptions.  Please visit our donations page and help us keep the energy flowing!  No matter whether we hold our Gala as planned on May 14, postpone to later in the Spring or perhaps pivot to an on-line virtual event, we will keep you updated as circumstances evolve.  尽管受到干扰,我们仍将继续筹备春季募捐公益拍卖活动。 请访问我们的活动网页,帮助我们保持活力! 无论我们是按计划于5月14日举行晚会,还是推迟到春季晚些时候,或者也许是进行在线虚拟活动,我们都将根据情况的变化为您提供最新信息。

College Corner

March 29, 2020

College Corner

BTHS 大学联络处最新讯息


The latest news and events from Tech's College Office:


JUNIORS AND SENIORS:  The College Office wants to help you with your college plans.  For Juniors, both small group sessions and one-on-one sessions are available on-line.  For Seniors, please contact your College Office advisor for a one-on-one session if you need help choosing a college or understanding your financial aid offers. Links for ALL of these meetings can be found in the latest College Office Newsletter.

PLEASE NOTE:  The following Tech College Office events have been CANCELLED:

  • March 30: Princeton Review Practice SAT Subject Tests

  • April 1: College Fair


April 6 [CANCELLED] & April 23 [PENDING]: Seniors, Ms. Quinn is tentatively hosting ONE session on how to evaluate aid offers you have (hopefully!) received from colleges and even appeal for more aid. Seniors may also want to consult the latest scholarship newsletter from Ms. Lucisano for more ideas. 想了解毕业班奖/助学金咨询机会的,请点以上链接。


April 22: College Essay writing workshop. 大学申请志向书写作研讨会,4月22日。


April 29: Posse Foundation scholarship info session. Posse 基金会奖学金信息座谈会,4月29日。


Brooklyn Tech's College Office has lots of information to offer you and your student about the college process.  You can also read the College Office newsletter for more ideas that might help. 访问此链接阅览大学联络处最新讯息。


More information can be found on the College Office site, including the recently revised College Handbook. 访问学校大学联络处网站资源在此链接

PupilPath: The # 1 App for a Tech Parent

March 29, 2020

In her March 12 email, Ms. Nottingham explained that instead of attending parent-teacher conferences in person this week, parents will need to use PupilPath to correspond with teachers in writing.  In her March 13 email, she also reminded parents to use PupilPath to keep in touch with teachers whenever students are absent from school for extended periods of time, due to illness or any other reasons.  诺丁汉女士在3月12日的点子邮件中解释说,与其本周亲自参加家长会,改为家长可以使用PupilPath与老师进行书面通讯,因为目前期间家长不方便进校。在3月13日的点子邮件中,她还提醒大家,如果学生由于生病或其他原因而长时间缺课,请家长使用PupilPath与老师保持联系。

So, what is PupilPath anyway?  Well, it's simply the easiest way for Tech parents to keep up with how their students are doing in school!  那么,PupilPath到底是什么?当然,就是家长跟上学生在学校表现的最简便方法!


PupilPath is useful and important because:


  • It shows the grades your student has received on tests, homework, and other assignments as well as class attendance. 显示您学生的测试、功课成绩以及出勤记录。

  • It shows future assignments with due dates. 显示尚未提交作业以及其到期日。

  • School staff and teachers use it to send important messages. 学校老师和教务人员常用它登录重要信息。

All students have access to PupilPath and most use it every day.  Most teachers post test and homework grades to PupilPath regularly.  所有学生使用PupilPath,并且大多数人每天都在使用它。大多数教师会定期通过PupilPath发布测试和家庭作业成绩。

Oh, perhaps your student forgot to tell you...parents have their own access to PupilPath, through both a website and an iPhone or Android app!  哦,也许您的学生忘了告诉您......父母也可以通过网站和iPhone或Android应用程序访问PupilPath,查询学生相关信息!


See instructions for accessing the PupilPath website or app at this link; access the PupilPath website here.  欢迎您参阅此链接上有关访问PupilPath网站或应用程序的说明;在此链接访问PupilPath网站。在此处链接有个简便的中文PupilPath登记手册。

Tech parent groups on Facebook and WeChat(微信)

Did you know there are several social media groups for Tech parents, in both English and Chinese?  They're a great source of information about academics, school-related events, Tech teams, and the college application process.


There are "official" accounts from the PA and "unofficial" parent-led accounts.   You can learn a lot just by reading the responses to parents' questions, and there's no requirement to participate.  Please join!


(请看内容/click here for details in Chinese)

Questions? Answers.

Tech can be a little overwhelming at first, but trust us, you and your kids will figure it out quickly.  To get up to speed, here are helpful sources of information and places you can go to ask questions.

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