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Announcements and Upcoming Events​

See the BTHS calendar, the PA meeting schedule and agendas, and the SLT meeting schedule.

If you're not receiving the school's Daily Announcements email every school day and the PA's weekly Tech Talk, please sign up.  Please click on your student's graduation year when signing up so you get the right grade-specific announcements.

Please donate to the PA's spring 2019 fundraising campaign!

We’re on target to have our most successful fundraising year, as long as the momentum continues, and hope to reach our goal of $300,000! ... Whether you donate $5 or $5000, we are deeply grateful!....Read full letter

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Appeal letter and donation form (check or money order)

募款项目和捐款表 (Chinese version of appeal letter and donation form)

2019 Testing Schedules

Jan 2019 Mid-year Assessments and Regents Exam Schedules

January finals (Mid-year Assessments) schedule (Tue - Thu, Jan 15-17)

January Regents and additional Mid-year Assessments schedule (Tue-Fri, Jan 22-25)

The schedules are a little complicated -- see the PA's explanation

May 2019 AP Exams

AP Exam Schedule

June 2019 Final Exams

June Finals schedule

  • Finals take place during the regular school day.

  • Students are expected to attend all classes on their regular schedules, regardless of whether they have an exam that day or not.

  • Not every class gives a final exam.  Students should check with their teachers.

May-June 2019 PLTW and CTE Exams

  • PLTW exams (e.g. DDP, DE) will be May 28-31, except Principles of Engineering, which will be Jun 6.

    • A good grade on a PLTW exam and in the class can earn college credit from RIT (Rochester Inst. of Technology).  This credit might be useful for engineering majors in college.  It is also nice to have a college credit course on your Common App when applying to college.

  • 12th graders in CTE majors will take CTE exams on Jun 3.

  • Other industry certification exams are May 28 - Jun 7

  • For exact dates and times, students should ask their teachers.

June 2019 Regents Exams

June Regents schedule

  • LOTE exams for 3rd year Spanish/Chinese/French/Italian students in NYC (including Tech) are on Mon, Jun 17 at 9:00am, even though the official schedule for NYS shows a language test on Jun 24.

  • Tech is running its own Regents schedule with exam start times slightly earlier than stated on the standard NYS Regents schedule you can find elsewhere on the internet.  So use the Tech schedule we've linked to here.  Morning exams start at 9:00am and afternoon exams start at 12:45pm.



Attendance is a little complicated...

  • During Regents days (Jun 3 and Jun 18-26), students only go to school for their Regents exams.  If they don't have a Regents exam, then they don't go to school.  There are no regular classes during the Regents exam period.

  • 12th graders in CTE majors have CTE exams on Jun 3. So those 12th graders should go to school on Jun 3, even though it's a Regents exam day. (this page shows which majors are CTE majors)

  • The Jun 17 LOTE exam is not technically a "Regents exam." So all students should go to school on Jun 17.  See special schedule for all students

Ice Cream Social Rocked!

In the Brooklyn Tech Cafeteria, Tue, May 28


The sold-out ice cream social was every bit as fun and delicious as anticipated.  BTHS parents from all over the city came for three things:  1) the chance to chat with teachers and school administrators; 2) while enjoying Ample Hills ice cream; and 3) panoramic views from the BTHS rooftop deck.  Threatening thunder storms forced the party below-decks to the school cafeteria, but the views are nice from there too!  Lots of students also attended, attracted by the music from our live DJ plus the novel flavors of delicious ice cream from Ample Hills.  Anecdotally, "The Munchies" is currently popular among the student body.  


The event was organized by the PA's Diversity Committee, which also sponsored the dinner-and-a-movie nights and the Lunar New Year celebration.  Stay tuned for more events in 2019-2020!

Working Papers

Students who need working papers for a job this summer can get them from school. They need to fill out the form found on this page and bring a doctor's note saying they are able to work (pediatricians are generally familiar with this kind of letter).

Welcome new families!

Welcome to Tech!  We're glad you've found your way to the PA homepage.


The below info is from the 2018-19 school year (i.e. for students who started in Sep 2018).  We'll update info for students starting in Sep 2019 once we have it.  For now, you can read last year's info to get an idea of what to expect in the coming months (and years).

Please read the welcome message from the PA!


If you haven't already, please also make sure you also visit Brooklyn Tech's homepage, where there is a lot of information and some required forms for incoming 9th and 10th grade students.

Finally, check out the "New Families at Tech" section of the PA's Parent Guide for FAQs and thoughts on getting ready for the fall.

Questions? Answers.

Tech can be a little overwhelming at first, but trust us, you and your kids will figure it out quickly.  To get up to speed, here are helpful sources of information and places you can go to ask questions.

2019-20 PA Executive Board and SLT Election Results

At the Thu, May 2 PA meeting, we held elections for the 2019-20 PA Executive Board.


See the 2019-20 PA Executive Board representatives.


For all the parents of current 9th and 10th graders who have thought about running for a PA or SLT position -- please run next spring!  There is usually much less competition for seats in the spring election than in the fall election for 9th Grade Parent Representatives.  We do a lot to support our kids at Tech and we're fun!

Up next are elections for the five positions for 9th Grade Representative in the fall.  Nominations will be taken in the fall.  Typically there are 20+ candidates for these five positions.  So for incoming 9th grade parents:  if you don't get a seat, please run again in the spring!

Princeton Review SAT/ACT prep

Princeton Review is offering SAT and ACT prep courses, both at Tech (and across the street at LIU) and elsewhere around the city.  Students receive a 25% discount on their course with code BTHS25, and 10% off private tutoring with code BTHS10. See course schedules and pricing info.  


Disclosure:  Princeton Review makes a donation to the Brooklyn Tech PA whenever a student signs up with the promo codes.  This donation is good for the PA (and the school activities we support), but of course also influences the PA's decision to promote these courses.


Past Events and Notices Below

(just to give you an idea of more of the things the PA does)

Summer Precalculus

11th graders who are currently in Algebra II (Trigonometry) and would like to take AP Calculus (AB or BC) next year, may be able to take Precalculus this summer at Tech.


See this letter from Mr. Johnson, the Asst Principal (AP) of Math, which describes the program and has the link to the application form.  Applications are due May 31.  For students who want to take Precalculus this summer online or at a school elsewhere, the letter also describes the requirements for such a course.


11th graders who do not take Precalculus over the summer will take the course as 12th graders.  While AP Calculus is not required at Tech, many selective colleges prefer that applicants take AP Calculus in high school if their high school offers it.


(11th graders who took Precalculus this year do not need to take any math this summer.)

Spring Auction Gala -- Tickets on Sale Now

Thu, May 9, 6:30-10:30pm

Berg'n, 899 Bergen Street, Brooklyn

$110 in advance, $130 at the door 

Get ready for an amazing time for a good cause: supporting Brooklyn Tech! 

There is still plenty of room for auction items, so please donate generously! Some tempting trips and unique experiences have already come our way, but we hope to hear from more of you with great auction items to share.

Some popular auction items to consider: restaurant gift certificates, theater tickets, sporting events, salon and spa services, exercise and wellness, art, vacation homes, retail/fashion items, wine/spirits, tastings and unique experiences.


Click here for our online and printable donation forms, as well as a letter of introduction you can give to businesses when soliciting donations.


Please email the benefit committe with any questions, or if you or your company would like to become an event sponsor. Sponsorship comes with great perks, including tickets to the event and lots of publicity!

Really Big College Fair at Tech

On Wed, Apr 10,  there will be a ginormous college fair at Tech.


This college fair is a huge event at Tech.  Last year, representatives from ~150 colleges came all the way to Brooklyn Tech to meet our students.  The colleges range from the most selective to those with open enrollment, big and small, near and far. 

Why should you go to the fair and ask good questions of the college representatives?

  • Fairs are a great way to learn about colleges without making expensive and time-consuming trips.

  • Many colleges consider a student's "demonstrated interest" when evaluating college applications (i.e. it can look good if a student has visited campus or spoken with an admissions officer at a fair).

  • Often the admissions officer at a college fair is the person in charge of reading applications from high schools in that region!

Look for more info from the College Office in the coming weeks.

9th and 10th Grade College Process Preparation

At the November PA meeting, Ms. Quinn from the College Office spoke about college application strategies for 9th and 10th grade Tech students.  See the PA's meeting notes.

She will be giving a full College Process presentation aimed at 9th and 10th grade families on Tue, Nov 27 at 6pm that will cover even more topics.  The PA strongly recommends that 9th and 10th grade families attend.  While the college process doesn't really start until 11th grade, learning some now will make the process easier.

Please register.  11th grade parents are welcome to attend as well, though there will be a College Process presentation for 11th grade families in the spring.

11th Grade College Process Checklist

At the Thu, Oct 11 PA meeting, Ms. McKinnon from the College Office discussed steps that 11th graders should take this year to prepare for the college application process in 12th grade.  See the PA's notes from the meeting.

Diversity Committee Meetings

The Brooklyn Tech PA Diversity Committee has monthly meetings scheduled throughout the year to plan community outreach events and discuss challenges faced by students at our school.  Beginning in February, all meetings will held after the general PA meeting in the Library at 8pm.


The Diversity Committee, which started just last year, has already sponsored two very well-received fun community events -- last spring's rooftop ice cream social and last week's well-attended movie and dinner night, featuring the documentary, American Revolutionary:  The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs. The Committee welcomes parents to come to the meetings with suggestions for future events that can help bring our community together.  The meeting schedule is:




2/7 (Thu)

3/12 (Tue)

4/11 (Thu)

5/2  (Thu)

6/13 (Thu)

After-School Study Hall Hours!

The PA is proud to sponsor study hall hours throughout the school year.


Study hall is open from 3:45-5:30pm Monday thru Thursday.  Study Hall is in room 2E20 and 2W2 Monday through Thursday.


The Library is also open on Mondays, except for the first Monday of the month.  Students can study or ask for a librarian's guidance with research.


There are student tutors who specialize in various subjects available to assist with homework!  (Of course there is also still teacher tutoring offered by each department, separate from study hall.)


Thank you, parents, for your continued support!

Continuing a popular tradition established a few years ago, Principal Newman, together with the PA, will host a series of informal morning and evening meetings with Brooklyn Tech parents. All are invited.


These events, limited to 30 people per meal, offer an opportunity to learn about Brooklyn Tech and meet other Tech parents.  You can register online.  One attendee per family, please. 


Breakfast will be provided at all the morning meetings.

Light refreshments will be provided at the evening meetings.

All meetings are free.


Tue, Oct 2, 6:00 - 7:30pm, light dinner

Wed, Oct 3,  9:00 - 10:30am, breakfast

Wed, Nov 7,  6:00 - 7:30pm, light dinner

Thu, Nov 8,  9:00 - 10:30am, breakfast

Mon, Dec 3,  6:00 - 7:30pm, light dinner

Thu, Dec 6,  9:00 - 10:30am, breakfast

2018-19 PA Budget

At the June 14, 2018 PA meeting, the PA approved the 2018-19 PA Budget.  You can also see last year's 2017-18 PA budget.

College Visits and the College List

At the Thu, Mar 15 PA meeting, Mrs. Maysonet-Sigler from the College Office gave the following advice about college lists and making a college list:

  • She suggested that families, especially those with 11th graders, use the summer to visit colleges.  College visits can be expensive and time-consuming, but students should at least visit schools in or near NYC that they are likely applying to.

  • 11th grade students should be putting together their preliminary lists in Naviance under "colleges I'm thinking about" now (How to Use Naviance).  Then in July and August, students should be finalizing their lists.  Naviance also has search tools to help you find colleges that you might want to include on your list.

  • The "compare me" function in Naviance shows how your student's GPA and SAT scores compare to those of Tech students who were accepted to those colleges in the past.

  • Mrs. Maysonet-Sigler suggested that most of the colleges on your student's final list should be green (meaning your student's GPA and test scores are higher than the average of previous applicants' scores) and only a few should be red (meaning your student's GPA and test scores are lower than the average of previous applicants' scores) 

Common App Essay Prompts

11th Grade Parents:  Many/most of the colleges your student applies to will likely accept the Common Application (but will also require a college-specific supplemental application as well).  The Common App doesn't officially open until Aug 1, 2018, but the essay prompts are already online.  So your student can start thinking about which essay she'd like to write and maybe jot down some ideas and notes in the coming months. 

Tech parent groups on Facebook and WeChat(微信)

Did you know there are several social media groups for Tech parents, in both English and Chinese?  They're a great source of information about academics, school-related events, Tech teams, and the college application process.


There are "official" accounts from the PA and "unofficial" parent-led accounts.   You can learn a lot just by reading the responses to parents' questions, and there's no requirement to participate.  Please join!


(请看内容/click here for details in Chinese)

PupilPath: The Most Important App for a Tech Parent

PupilPath is awesome because:

  • It shows the grades your student has received on tests, homeworks, and other assignments as well as class attendance.

  • It shows future assignments with due dates.

  • School uses it to send important messages.

Dinner and a Movie Night at Tech -- Soufra

Fri, Apr 12, 6pm

For our final Dinner & a Movie Night of the year, we will showcase Soufra on Fri, Apr 12, at 6pm.


Soufra follows the inspirational story of intrepid social entrepreneur, Mariam Shaar - a refugee who has spent her entire life in the Burl El Barajneh refugee camp south of Beirut, Lebanon. The film follows Mariam and a diverse team of fellow refugee women as they set out to change their fate by launching a catering company, Soufra, and then expand its

reach outside the camp with a food truck business. Together, they heal the wounds of war through the unifying power of food while taking their future into their own hands.


There will be a Q&A via videoconference with Eva, a Syrian refugee who fled Syria to Lebanon (see her bio).  Dinner will be catered by Tanoreen.  Tickets can be purchased in Ms. Nottingham's office and a limited number will be sold at PA meeting on Apr 11.  $2 per person.

Dinner and a Movie Night at Tech -- American Promise

Fri, Mar 29, 6pm

The Tech PA Diversity Committee invites all families, students, and Tech staff to our next dinner and a movie night in the Tech auditorium.  We will be screening American Promise, and the filmmakers will be available for Q&A after the movie!


Last fall's showing of American Revolutionary was very well attended, so please come to the Fri, Mar 29 showing of American Promise.  Just $2 per ticket.  Tickets are available for purchase at Mrs. Nottingham's office and at the Tue, Mar 12 PA meeting.


American Promise spans 13 years as Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson, middle-class African-American parents in Brooklyn, N.Y., turn their cameras on their son, Idris, and his best friend, Seun, who make their way through one of the most prestigious private schools in the country. Chronicling the boys’ divergent paths from kindergarten through high school graduation at Manhattan’s Dalton School, this provocative, intimate documentary presents complicated truths about America’s struggle to come of age on issues of race, class and opportunity. An Official Selection of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. A co-production of Rada Film Group, ITVS and POV’s Diverse Voices Project.

¡Spring 2019 Workshops -- Signups are Open!

Spring parent workshops are the morning of Saturday, Mar 23 at Tech!  The workshops feature educational experts speaking on preparing college applications, standardized testing, the cost of college and financial aid, and raising a teenager.


These FREE workshops, covering a wide variety of topics relevant to Tech parents, are organized by the Tech PA. Join us for a welcoming breakfast at 8:30am, and sign up for workshops at 9am, 10:15am and 11:30am.

9-10am plenary session:

Jed Applerouth, founder and president of Appelrouth Tutoring and a Nationally Certified Counselor with a PhD in Educational Psychology, will address the group on "The Art of Motivation." 

10:15 and 11:30 sessions -- Many choices for all grades and interests!

  • Rachel Coates Q&A with college admissions counselors.

  • Kal Chany understanding college aid awards (especially for seniors but others may register)

  • Imen Boussayoud from Princeton Review, college testing timeline

  • Dina Alessi from Parents Against Vaping on the teen vaping crisis

  • Tech parent Art Chang on Private Colleges and the Holistic Admissions Process

  • Naviance and how to navigate it, by Tech College Office Ms. Quinn

  • Macaulay Honors and Sophie Davis admissions explained by Anastassiya Maximenko, admission representative for CUNY

  • Jonathan Shapiro crafting the college essay.  

  • Qing James will present Strategies of College Financial Aid Applications in Mandarin (全普通话演讲) (10:15 only.)


Some workshops have limited capacity, so please register now on the sign-up link where you will also find more information about the speakers and workshops. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

The workshops are all free.

The focus is on the college process.

The workshops are good for parents of all grade levels.

The workshops are by far the most attended PA event all year.  Hundreds, maybe thousands.

See the description of workshops and link to registration!

Parent Presenters Invited for Career Day:  Tue, Oct 23, 2018

The Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation will host this year's Career Day during regular school hours on Tuesday, October 23rd. This event creates a critical link between the classroom and the workplace by allowing students to explore various career options so that students can make informed educational and career choices.

See more details in the invitation sent out by the Alumni Foundation.

Deadline for registration is September 14th

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