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Announcements and Upcoming Events​

See the BTHS calendar, the PA meeting schedule and agendas, and the SLT meeting schedule.

Greetings from the PA

May 31, 2020

Hello BTHS Families,


On top of all the fears about the COVID-19 pandemic, we are deeply concerned about the unrest exploding around the country, and even near our beloved school in Brooklyn. This week's headline news stories were, simply put, disgusting. Our hearts hurt right along with those directly impacted by these events. Justice should be color blind. Everyone should be equal under the law.

Your PA is dedicated to supporting the well-being and academic advancement of our diverse student body inclusively and with respect for the wonderful array of cultures represented in our community. The PA will continue this devotion in all decisions we make in service to our Brooklyn Tech community.


It is also heart-searing that so many students will be leaving Tech "remotely", without the customary graduation ceremony and other culminating rites of passage and carefree  celebrations they had been getting more and more excited about during the four years they have been at Tech. High school graduation is the first step in our students' adult lives as they step forward toward an uncertain future.  Graduating high school is a top-of-the-mountain high point milestone for every one of our students, and we want to celebrate them with great fanfare!


We're glad that school administration is stepping up to provide our Senior Class with a fitting and memorable send-off in the face of challenging circumstances.


In particular, this week we are pleased to highlight the special "Wish a Senior Goodbye" initiative. Students, parents and teachers are invited to contribute personalized messages, photos and videos. Surely, the offering up of collective goodwill and creative energy will blossom and flower into a unique and endearing "time-capsule" that each 2020 graduate will fondly carry with them forever.  Please see details below about how to submit your memorabilia to make the bound-to-be-legendary Class of 2020 even more memorable! 


We also want to take this early opportunity to remind everyone that our next monthly Parent Association general meeting will held Thursday, June 11 at 6:30pm.  This time around we will use a videoconference platform that supports 1000 participants!  Log-in details to follow soon.


As always, should you have questions, please contact us at papresident@bths.edu.

Kind Regards,

Lisa Sullivan and Cindy Kue 




很遗憾看到这么多学生将不得不远程庆祝离开Tech,没有一惯的毕业典礼, 没有令人兴奋的仪式, 没有绽放自我的活动来庆祝他们在Tech无比难忘的四年高中生活。 高中毕业是我们学生成长走向未来的第一步。 高中毕业对于我们的每一个学生来说都是一个非常重要的里程碑,我们希望能够大张旗鼓地为他们庆祝!  












莎·沙利文(Lisa Sullivan)和辛迪·奎(Cindy Kue)

Important Dates

May 31, 2020

                    Key Dates 


  • Monday June 1 - Friday June 5 - AP Exam Make-Up Date

  • Tuesday, June 2nd - Former Regents day is a regular day of instruction

  • Thursday, June 4th -  Social-Emotional Learning Day, Special teacher office hours (instead of regular classwork)

  • Friday, June 5 - Social-Emotional Learning Day; Special teacher office hours (instead of regular classwork)

  • Tuesday, June 9 to Monday, June 15Final Exams    See schedule here!

  • Wednesday, June 10 - Wishing Our Seniors Good-Bye notes due

  • Thursday, June 11 - Monthly Parent Association General Meeting

  • Finals from June 12th  -  Students have 24 hours until Saturday,June 13th 9:30 AM to complete.

  • Monday, June 15th and Tuesday, June 16 - Makeup days for finals

  • Monday, June 22 - Senior Awards Ceremony broadcast (pre-recorded)

  • Friday, June 26 - Graduation Ceremony

​Student Reminder for AP Makeup Exams   

May 31, 2020

Student Reminder for AP Makeup Exams   


Students who requested a makeup exam should have received either an email confirmation or additional information about their request on May 28. Makeup exams take place June 1-5. Check the full schedule.

In their confirmation email, students will receive instructions about what to do if they have two exams at the same time. They should take one exam on the makeup date and request to take the other one during the June 22-30 exception testing dates.

Although the majority of students have successfully submitted their exams, we've instituted a backup email submission process for browser-based exams. This option will only be available for students who weren't able to submit in the standard process-and they must then email their responses immediately following their exam.

These students will see instructions about how to email their response on the page that says, "We Did Not Receive Your Response." The email address that appears on this page will be unique to each student and exam question. Email submissions are not available for AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish Language and Culture exams.

AP补考将于6月1-5日举行。 检查完整的时间表。

Senior Update

May 31, 2020

Attention Seniors:  

The quarantined Class of 2020 deserves special recognition for their achievements and hard work in the face of unusual challenges!  We are collecting wholesome, personalized photos, messages, and videos to cheer on our seniors. Students, parents, and teachers are all invited to submit memorabilia by filling out the forms attached below. 

There are two options for the forms. Both forms will be open until June 10th. If you would like to send ONE SENIOR message(s) please fill out this form.  If you would like to send the SAME MESSAGE(S) to MULTIPLE SENIORS please fill out this form


Graduation - A prerecorded, virtual graduation ceremony will be broadcast June 26th at 3pm.  More info will be emailed by the end of next week as seniors who wish to participate will have be invited to submit a few items to make this graduation super unique and memorable.  


Prom - Seniors, you voted YES to a prom so the school making it happen! Currently, scheduled for January 6th, 2021, public health and safety concerns permitting. 


Yearbooks - Yearbooks will be mailed to homes in August. Remember to make sure your address is up-to-date!  


Caps and gowns - Processing caps and gowns for shipment began last week.  School will let the Senior Class know when they've been shipped.  


Senior Awards Night - Senior Awards night will be pre-recorded and aired on June 22nd at 6pm.  Everyone is welcome to tune in!  


2020年的隔离班值得特别表彰,他们在面对不寻常的挑战时所取得的成就和辛勤工作! 我们正在收集健康,个性化的照片,消息和视频,为我们的毕业生加油。 学生,家长和老师都被邀请通过填写下面附加的表格提交纪念品。





毕业舞会- 目前, 如果公共卫生和安全问题允许, 计划于2021年1月6日。






颁奖典礼晚会-毕业颁奖仪式将预先录制,并在6月22日下午6点播出。 欢迎大家收听!

Online Workshops for Parents

May 31, 2020

Parents Online Workshops


The PA Events Committee continues to bring you valuable programming in the comfort of your home.  Please see below for details. 

Topic: Strategies for Writing the College App Essay 

Date: Tuesday, June 3rd, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Number of Parents: 30

Participants will learn effective writing strategies and read successful models for writing the personal narrative, which is very different than the academic analysis and argument most high school students are trained in. Particularly, language choices are very different, as is the role of tone, and organization. Also, the college app essay asks students to delve into themselves and share deeply, and some students struggle with this inner journey.   Awareness of all of the above can help the student and parent find the process more rewarding and less stressful.

The talk will address how to write the essay as well as the contingent challenges/opportunities that come with writing personal narratives for college admissions. This session is already fully booked, but if you would like to add your name to the wait list, please send an email to bthspaonlineworkshop@gmail.com and we will let you know if an overflow space is available. 

撰写大学应用论文的策略: 该会议已经预订满,但是如果您想在等待列表中添加姓名,请发送电子邮件至bthspaonlineworkshop@gmail.com,我们将通知您是否有可用的溢出空间。

Previous Online Workshop Presentations:

We would like to thank Ms. Imen Boussayoud, one of the NYC Outreach Manager from The Princeton Review  for the informative workshops she gave last week, guiding parents on how to help their kids with the college admissions impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.   Please click the links below to access the presentation materials, which are chock-full of useful resources!

Topic:          COVID-19 and College Admissions

Presenter:   Ms. Imen Boussayoud, NYC Outreach Manager from The Princeton Review

PDF Presentation: COVID-19 Deck and Recommended Timeline for SAT Testing 


We would like to thank Ms. Veronica Quinn and Ms. Paula McKinnon, two of our College Office student advisors, for the informative workshops they gave on the week of May 23, guiding parents on how to help their kids with the college application process.  Please click the links below to access the presentation materials, which are chock-full of useful resources!


Topic:          11th-Grade Focus: College List Building

Presenter:   Ms. Veronica Quinn, BTHS College Guidance Counselor

PowerPoint Presentation: Junior College List Building


Topic:          The College Checklist - Year by Year, Grades 9-12

Presenter:   Ms. Paula McKinnon, BTHS College Guidance Counselor

PowerPoint Presentation: College Checklist 

Social, Emotional, Learning Guidance Resources

May 31, 2020

The Guidance Office is gearing up for another SEL Day Friday, June 5th, 2020. A team of 40 teachers, counselors, and social workers across departments is organizing a fun and engaging day for our students.


Theme:  "Connections Matter".  Making positive connections with self and others is pivotal to enhancing one's personal development. The Guidance Office has designed a selection of activities for our students that are most relevant and encourage positive connections. SEL Day Part II is a direct response to the need for us to find creative ways to connect with the world and everything in it.


SEL Topics:

-How to Best Spend your Summer?

-Cultivating a Non-toxic Online Presence

-Bringing a Sense of Closure to the School Year

-Feeling Seen and Heard

-Taking Care of Self


Students will be immersed in various virtual learning experiences, creating their own content to share with the school community, sharing powerful stories of triumph during this time, and standing for the right side of what it means to be a young adult a complicated and fast-changing world. Students will be asked to participate in at least TWO experiences and respond to ONE.

Staff Office Hours:

Students also have an opportunity to engage with their teachers/counselors in discussion via established office hours. The purpose of the office hours is for staff and students to have open ended conversations concerning the importance of making positive connections. Office hours will be held from 1:00pm-2:50pm.


All students will have access to a Google form in order to submit their attendance for the day. The form will have up to 4 exit type questions that refer to the experience of the day.


Additionally, the Guidance office have compiled a broad list of resources to support social, emotional and learning needs available to our school community.  You may find link to valuable and helpful resources on tutoring, mental health and engaging activities, among others.  For more detailed information, please click Guidance Resource Page.


Guidance Counselors are offering virtual office hours 3 days a week via Google Meet or Google Classroom. Counselors have sent an email to the students on their caseload in reference to the days and times they are available.


BTHS Library EBooks Logins

May 31, 2020

BTHS Library EBooks Logins



The Brooklyn Technical High School Library has added to its ebook collection. In order to check out these ebooks, you will need to log in with your username, which is also the prefix to your@nycstudents.net account.   You can look up your username here. Your password is your OSIS #. 


To borrow an ebook:

  1. Go to the library website:  https://bthslib.weebly.com/ and          click "Search Our Catalog."  

  2. Search or browse for ebooks.  

  3. Click on the title of an ebook with the symbol below you'd like to borrow and you will be prompted to "log in".  If the ebook is available, you can click "Checkout" or simply "Open". If you want to be sure that the ebook will be available to you in the next day or so, it's better to check it out rather than open it.

The checkout period is 14 days, after which the book will automatically be returned. You can have 3 ebooks out at any one time.  


If an ebook is not available, you can click the "Hold" button. Remember to not place paper books on hold!  Emails will only go out weekly about available holds.


If you cannot find the ebook you want, or it is out, please check the public libraries.  Every NYC resident can get an NYPL ecard.  There are lots more ebook options here!


Please don't worry about the due dates or the fines for the school library books you already have at home. Please hold onto those books to return in the future.

Summer School Information

May 31, 2020

Summer School Information


The NYC Department of Education announced that students enrolled in summer school will do so remotely. This applies to high school students who failed a class or need to continue a course, and students with 12-month IEP's. The summer schedule for high school students will be five days a week for grades 9-12 and students with disabilities. 


The dates are:

Grades 9-12 - Monday, July 13 - Friday, August 21

Students with 12-month IEPs - Wednesday, July 1-Thursday, August 13


The last day of the traditional school year is June 26, 2020.  For more information, please click here.

College Corner

May 31, 2020

College Corner

BTHS 大学联络处最新讯息



Click here to access College Corner Newsletters.





Some great new items in the 5/29/20 edition of College Corner feature online college fairs and tours!  Dream big, plan now; take some tours while you shelter in place.  Your Decision Day less than a year away!



Bored at home while waiting for graduation?  Why not try for another scholarship or two?  Start by reading through College Corner and checking out Ms. Lucisano's newsletter for lots of ideas. 想了解



Seniors should also update their Naviance accounts and let us know which colleges have accepted you and where you plan to go.  This information is very helpful to Juniors -- you remember those scattergrams?  The data comes from you!    大学办公室谨在此提醒高中四年级的学生, 请他们更新他们的Naviance帐户,并让我们知道哪些大学接受了您,以及您打算去哪所高校!


Seniors also need to complete their MANDATORY EXIT SURVEYS.  Please see instructions here. 高四毕业生得填报毕业问卷。请打开此链接了解细节要求。


Ms. Quinn of the College Office has some great resources to evaluate financial aid offers.  See this presentation, and  video from her previous meeting. You can also email her with questions.




Brooklyn Tech's College Office has loads of information to offer you and your student about the college vetting and application process, including the College Handbook.  You can read the College Office newsletter to get the latest ideas.  访问此链接阅览大学联络办公室最新讯息。 访问学校大学联络办公室网站资源在此链接

Grading Policy during Remote Learning

May 31, 2020

Grading Policy during Remote Learning 



On May 4, 2020, Principal Newman sent this email regarding the new grading policy for remote learning. You may also refer to the entry for April 28 at this link for more background information from the NYC Department of Education.  Please note this grading policy is only applicable for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.


5月4日,Mr. Newman 校长发了这封关于远程学习的新评分政策的电子邮件。您还可以在此链接获取4月28日来自纽约市教育局的更多信息。请注意,此评分政策仅适用于剩余的2019-20学年。

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