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Javier Avila, DDP


Mr. Avila's DDP class guides students in developmentally appropriate reverse engineering (RE) study.  The goal is
to cultivate and nurture an understanding of the purpose, structure, and visual design of common objects.  The
contribution of the object's features to systemic part/whole relationships is considered.


Students in the first phase conceptually decompose an object's solid bodies and components to derive relevant
2d and 3d geometries, as well as measure the object and its features precisely.  Students then draw the object to
acquire and convey an understanding of the geometric constructions that comprise the basis of the overall form.

In the second phase, students analyze the functionality of all the object's features, and closely examine the structure
and visual design to understand how engineers deliver end-user benefits by marrying utility and aesthetics.


In the third phase, students begin reconstructing objects in a 3d modeling environment using data and knowledge acquired in the previous phases.  Students' success in crafting 3d printed models demonstrates the effectiveness of their understanding of the entire RE process.






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