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How Tech Works


What does the Parent Coordinator do? The AP of Parent & Student Engagement?

The Parent Coordinator is the direct contact for parents regarding any information they need about non-academic
issues. The Parent Coordinator helps parents with login information for Skedula (Pupil Path) as well as updates
and maintains the contact information for parents. You can contact the Parent Coordinator using the
staff directory on the school website.


The AP of Parent & Student Engagement oversees all aspects of extra-curricular activities, including: student
government, trips, clubs and teams, and serves as the liaison between all members of the Brooklyn Tech
community including parents (PTA), teachers and community leaders.


How do students/families get information from the school?

The primary source of information from Brooklyn Technical HS to students and parents is through
the school website: and through daily emails. Also phone calls to the official residence of
each student as appropriate.


How often is the website updated?

The school website is updated daily depending upon need and availability of information.


Is there a school calendar?

Yes, the school calendar is updated regularly and is located on the school website.


Are flyers sent home? Email notifications?

Flyers are not sent home because of paper considerations. The school uses email notifications daily for communication.


Is anything sent out on a regular basis?

Daily announcements are sent to all staff, students, and parents on a regular basis. Phone calls home notifying parents days students are absent also occur daily. These calls are based on daily scans when students enter the building.


What happens in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency, relevant information is placed on the school website as well as individual phone calls are made to student’s homes.


How are grade issues handled?

If there is a grade issue first go to the respective teacher, then to the Assistant Principal of the department. Finally, if all other avenues have been exhausted, students can formally challenge a grade via the Grade Appeal Committee.


How are attendance issues resolved?

Attendance issues can be resolved with the individual teacher or in the attendance office room 1W8a. In special circumstances individual guidance counselors can also assist in attend- ance issues.


How do parents contact teachers?

Parents can contact teachers by email using the staff directory on the school website or by phone by calling the respective department offices at 718-804-6400. Teachers can also be accessed by email through


What if a teacher doesn’t respond?

If a teacher doesn’t respond in a timely manner then email the Assistant Principal of that teacher’s department and they will help. Department heads can be found in the staff directory on the school website. Please wait a day or two to allow the teachers time
to respond.


When are parent teacher conferences? How do they work?

Parent Teacher conferences are 2 times a year, usually in November and April. Both dates consist of 2 days - an evening and an afternoon session. During that time parents can come in and meet with teachers about the current term. Parents should bring both the report card and the student to participate in the discussion.


Are there any other ways to meet with teachers other than Parent Teacher conferences?

Parents may set up a meeting with any teacher through the student’s guidance counselor and/or Assistant Principal. Direct meetings with teachers are also possible, but only through direct scheduling with the individual teacher, and only at their discretion.


Where do parents & non-students enter the building?

All non-students, guests, and parents will primarily enter the building on the corner of South Elliot Place and Dekalb Avenue (North East entrance). In rare cases those in wheelchairs or in need of a ramp (elderly, disabled, et al.) can enter on South Elliot Place (South East entrance).

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