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How Tech Works


How does guidance work?

Students are assigned a guidance counselor to help them navigate the academic expectations of Brooklyn Tech,
along with the social and emotional challenges of high school. Counselors are assigned by grade level until the
students enter their majors. Then, they are assigned a major specific counselor. In addition, Tech has an in house,
full time social worker, full time psychologist, and 3 dedicated college advisors.


How do students find out who their counselors are?

Students have 3 ways to find out their guidance counselor’s name. Guidance counselors names are printed
on student’s schedules and report cards. Guidance counselors are also listed within student accounts in Skedula
(Pupil Path) or Daedalus. Finally, the first letter of a students 3 digit prefect code notes the guidance counselor
assigned to that student.


How do students make appointments to meet with their counselors?

Students can make appointments by stopping by their counselor’s office or emailing them through the school website.


Where are the guidance counselors located?

Most guidance counselors are located on the 7th floor south section of the building.


How do parents contact a guidance counselor?

Parents can contact guidance counselors by email or phone. Contact information is listed under the guidance office link on the school website.


Can parents meet with counselors?

Although email is recommended as the primary source of contact, parents may set up individual meetings with their child’s guidance counselors depending on availability and necessity.


What are the procedures when a student child has an Individualized Educational Program (IEP)?

Contact the Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel Services in Room 7S2. Please obtain a copy of the student’s IEP from his/her middle school, and make sure a copy is forwarded to BTHS.

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