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Parent Workshops


Parents will be able to attend up to three different sessions from those listed below. Not all topics are offered in each time slot, so please review the registration link for each time slot to see the offerings.


8:15 Doors open; continental breakfast available

9:00am  Session 1

10:15am  Session 2

11:30am  Session 3


How to register: click on the registration links at the top or bottom of this page.


Testing Timeline: Subject Tests, AP Tests, and ACT/SAT

The Princeton Review

What Subject Tests and AP tests should my student take? When do they need to focus on the SAT/ACT? This workshop goes through a timeline for all of the major tests students will take at Brooklyn Tech and how to prepare for them.


College Finances

Bernard Pau, CPA/PFS (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Kal Chany (English) of Campus Consultants

This workshop provides an overview of college costs, scholarships, and financial aid, and the best ways for getting what you need to be able to afford college.


Teens 101 and Parenting Teens 101

Elyssa Ackerman, LCSW, The Strategic Parent

Does parenting your teen feel like a daily battle? Do you wish your family lived in a bit more harmony?  Come to this workshop and learn the basics:  Teens 101 and Parenting Teens 101.  The bulk of this workshop involves looking at your own and common issues facing the parent raising teens, understanding how we react in the moment and then breaking down those patterns and committing to practicing alternatives.  This workshop will educate you, inspire you and help you to recognize that you are not alone.   Be prepared to listen but also engage with fellow parents to learn from one another.  The valuable tools you will learn in this workshop will make a positive impact on your family's dynamic.


Creativity: What it is, What it isn't, and How to Help Children Have More of it

Dr. Jonathan Plucker, Johns Hopkins University

Creativity is considered to be a highly valued 21st century skill, but what do we know about how to foster it in children? How can we even define it? We will explore these and other questions through a series of examples and activities that illustrate and model key creativity-producing strategies.


Success in College and Life: A Professor's Perspective

Dr. Jonathan Plucker, Johns Hopkins University

Even talented students often struggle in the transition to college, and many students do not make the best of the opportunities at the university level. What distinguishes a "good" college experience from a "bad" one? What are some strategies for making the most of a college education? How can college be used as a springboard to success in graduate school and life? We'll tackle all of these questions. A frequent speaker to aspiring college students and their parents, Professor Plucker has given talks to thousands of families with college-bound students over the past 20 years on these important topics.


Applying to College: an Overview

Chano Laboy, Options Center, College Access Counselor and DOE counselor trainer

This workshop will focus on creating an ideal application timeline.  The conversation will include tips for effective college research and building a balanced list, prepping for standardized tests-or not, ways to highlight student strengths, and helping students put the summertime to good use.


Understanding and Evaluating Financial Aid Offers from Colleges

Sandy Jimenez, Options Center, College Access Counselor and DOE Counselor Trainer, Options

Financial aid award letters from colleges are notoriously hard to decipher.  Learn how to dissect financial offers from colleges and to compare and contrast different schools' offers. Topics included will be options for closing gaps in financial aid and how to appeal to a college for a better package.

Essays, Interviews and More! How to approach the different components of a college application

Cassie Magesis, NYS Association for College Admission Counseling

Learn about the importance and relevance of the different college application components, with a special focus on interviews and essays and how students can take control of these opportunities to shine.


Finding Affordable Colleges

Rachel Coates, EduCoates           

Thinking about the costs of college can be overwhelming to many families. In this workshop, parents will learn about the range of costs in colleges and how to find colleges that offer great value-lower prices and great educational experience.  The discussion will also include special opportunities for funding at many colleges, and the difference between "need-based financial aid" and "merit aid."


Helping Students Build a College List

Rachel Coates, EduCoates                                                                                               

With so many colleges, how does a student decide where to apply? In this workshop, parents will about the elements of a good college list, and how to do research to find good-fit schools. The conversation will include helping students assess their needs and interests in a college, understanding students' chances for admission at different colleges, and strategizing a balanced list.


Parent Workshop Registration

Please sign up for one workshop per timeframe to make sure there are spaces for other parents. Thank you!

Session 1:  Click here to sign up for a 9am session

Session 2:  Click here to sign up for a 10:15am session

Session 3:  Click here to sign up for an 11:30am session

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