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Click on the links below to find out more about some of the remarkable teachers/staff who help make
Tech the singular institution it is.



Kay Sirianni, Chemistry

You teach the Forensic Science course in the Law and Society Major. So far this year, Tech students have learned
about some pretty gruesome cases, like the O.J. Simpson case involving the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson
and Ron Goldman, and the Carl Coppolino case involving two victims he was accused of murdering by injecting
them with succinylcholine chloride, a paralyzing drug.  What other grisly goodies can students look forward to? 

. . . read more


March Williams, English

Supervising 40+ teachers, Mr. Williams often reflects on his days when he sat on the other side of the desk as
a student of our beloved Brooklyn Technical High School. "I never imagined at the time that I would return because
I am so happy that I'm back again!" . . . read more


Sam Adewumi, Math

You wear several hats in the Tech community. One is as Assistant Coach of the Tech football team.
Can you give us a brief preview of your expectations for the fall season, and tell us what is happening
with Tech's football field? . . . read more




Allyson Ambrose, English

At the beginning of the school year, English teacher Allyson Ambrose handed out this restaurant review from
the New York Times to her two classes of AP Juniors.  What's unusual about the article is that every sentence
is a . . . read more


Serge Avery, Social Studies

If you look at Social Studies teacher Serge Avery's Twitter account, you'll see he calls himself a "former archaeologist,
fishmonger & flaneur." We asked Avery about that interesting description and his experience at Tech. Here
  . . . read more



Javier Avila, DDP

Mr. Avila's DDP class guides students in developmentally appropriate reverse engineering (RE) study.  The goal is to cultivate and nurture an understanding of the purpose, structure, and visual design of common objects.  . . . read more



Dr. Tom Blozy, Math

In 2005, longtime Brooklyn Tech math teacher Dr. Tom Blozy received the prestigious Newton Master Teacher Fellowship, a four-year award for outstanding teachers of mathematics who demonstrate solid mathematical knowledge and have outstanding . . . read more



Jean Brutus, P.E.

It has been my pleasure to work with students at Brooklyn Technical High School for about 9 years, after working in the finance industry.  I am known amongst the student body as the "hard phys ed teacher." I take great pride in not . . . read more



Kai Chan, Career and Technical Education

Tech parents know that one thing that makes the school unusual is its engineering requirement -- DDP in ninth grade and DE in tenth grade for all students.  But many of us do not know much more than that -- the details about what goes on in . . . read more



Thomas Evangelist, Physical Science

For starters, please tell us a bit about your own educational background, and what drew you to become a Chemistry teacher?  I wanted to be a teacher ever since my high school days. My French teacher used to let me teach his class every now and . . . read more



Park Fung, DDP

Our class is a basic introduction to engineering design where students will learn how to take an idea and turn it into reality. We start out with the process design and along the way the students will learn about sketching and technical drawing . . .  read more



Sidney Kivanoski, Social Studies

This is my 20th year teaching Social Studies at Tech. I am particularly looking forward to another year of advising Progressive Student Awareness, a club that addresses issues of social justice. PSA has existed for about 18 years and has become . . . read more



Geraldine Lapierre, Music

We reached out to Ms. Lapierre to learn a little bit more about her and the music program at Tech.  Here is what she shared with us: How long have you taught at Tech, and what is your educational background?I have been teaching at Tech for 26 . . . read more



Yongjun Lee, Chemistry

"I always thought to myself when I was a student that it would be nice if I could retake some of the tests I messed up. Teenagers make mistakes. That's what it means to be a teenager."  That's Tech tenth grade Chemistry . . . read more



Marie Manuto-Brown, English

I think teachers are just as nervous/excited about the opening of a new school year as the students are. So I try to find a smooth way to transition from the freedom of the summer to the busy, structured schedule of the academic year - some . . . read more



Christina Massie, English

I can't believe I have been teaching for ten years!  It has been a thrill to teach at Brooklyn Tech for four of these years.  My prior experiences before becoming a teacher are in the theatre and television where I was a stage manager . . . read more



Dr. Jasmine Pena, World Languages

Dr. Jasmine Pena, Assistant Principal of World Languages, received her doctorate in educational leadership from Nova Southeastern University, where she wrote a dissertation on multicultural education.  She majored in Spanish literature at . . . read more



Roxanne Previty, Mathematics

Roxane Previty teaches economics at Brooklyn Tech with the benefit of tremendous real world experience. After business school, she worked in advertising, then as CFO of the job search website, and finally as an equity analyst on Wall . . . read more



Rebecca Rendsburg, English

When I was a kid, I had a doll I named "Ace," after the Doctor's assistant on the British science fiction show, Doctor Who, that I watched with my father. As a pre-teen, I fell so much in love with Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle . . . read more



Dr. Stephanie Tzall, Biology

Dr. Stephanie Tzall is Brooklyn Tech's genetics teacher, and has been for more than 15 years. What started off as a great teaching opportunity turned into an even greater one as the school's genetics facilities expanded; now, genetics is one . . . read more



Caitlin Wockenfuss, Biology

After teaching Anatomy at Tech, Caitlin Wockenfuss sheds the outfit of a mild-mannered teacher, revealing her true identify as "Coach Wock."  She recently  led Tech's JV cheerleading team to victory, making them eligible to . . . read more


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