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Jan 2019 Testing Schedules

In January, there will be 1st semester final exams, also known as "mid-year assessments," and Regents.  The schedules are a little complicated, but if you read carefully, you can figure them out (or just ask your kid).


  • Most final exams are scheduled for Tue-Thu, Jan 15-17.  See schedule.  Every class has a scheduled time for a final exam, but not every teacher gives a final exam.  Students have to ask their teacher to confirm.

    • All students go to school as usual during this week.  Exams are given during regularly scheduled classes.

    • Some final exams are during Regents week (keep reading). 

  • During Regents week, Tue-Fri, Jan 22-25:

    • Students in Living Environment, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II (Trigonometry), and Precalculus take their final exams

    • 11th graders take the English Language Arts Regents

    • See schedule

    • Except for special cases, no other students take Regents during this week.  Students will take their Regents in June.

    • During Regents week, a student should only come to school on the day she has a final exam or Regents exam.  Otherwise, school is closed.

    • In addition, school is closed Mon, Jan 21 for Martin Luther King,  Jr. Day and Mon, Jan 28 for a professional development day.

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