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Who runs extra-curricular activities?

Extra-curricular activities are run by the Coordinators of Student Activities or COSAs. Athletic teams are
coordinated by the Athletic Directors.


Who is available to answer questions about extra curricular activities?

The student government office located in 7C2 can answer all questions regarding clubs and teams
throughout Brooklyn Tech. Mr. Kaelin and Mr. Torres coordinate all extra-curricular activities within the school.


How do students find out about activities?

Most clubs and activities are advertised on signs hung throughout the building. Information can also be found
at, as well as in the Student Government office in 7C2 or the office of Parent and Student Engagement
in 1W2.


Is there a club fair?

A club fair is held for freshman students in the fall.


Can students join clubs mid-year?

Clubs may be joined at any time during the year. Students can also choose to leave clubs at any time as well. There is no limit to how many clubs students may join.


Can students suggest new clubs?

Student may create a new club by filling out a club application either online or by picking one up in 7C2 and obtaining a faculty advisor.


Is there club/team info on the Tech website?

Yes, all club/team info is found on the Brooklyn Tech website here.


How does Student Government work?

The Student Government Organization (SGO) is a voice for the student population, addressing student issues and concerns, and organizing events for the student body. Each grade level has elections yearly to determine representatives.

The SGO is currently divided into four branches:


The Executive Council discusses and addresses school-wide and class-wide issues. It is comprised of five executive officers from each grade, including respective Class Presidents and Vice-Presidents.


The Council for Student Activities organizes school events, ranging from the Talent Show to the Senior Prom. It includes at least ten class representatives from each grade level.


The Student Assembly serves as a forum for communication between the entire student population, the Executive Council, and the school administration. It is comprised of one student representative per 34 students on each grade level.


The Club Team Council is a communication branch among clubs and teams, Executive Council, and the administration. It is comprised of at least one student representative from every club and team.


What is an SGO card? What is it for? How does a student get one?

Students may purchase an SGO card in the school store located in 7C2.


When are team try outs?

Team try outs are conducted by the coach of each team and are usually scheduled around the time that sport begins. Tryout days can be found in the Athletic News section of the website. A list of teams and the time of year they are in season can be found on the school website under Athletics: Athletic Teams or on the PSAL website. All participants must have a current medical consent form on file to try out.


Are there any sports that students don’t have to try out for?

No. All sports teams in the building require a tryout. The type of tryout varies from sport to sport and coach to coach.


What is NHS?

The National Honor Society (NHS) is one of the nation’s leading organizations established to identify outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to rec- ognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the 4 NHS pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. Its purpose is to provide services to the school communi- ty as well as the local community, whether it is through volunteering at local organizations, tutoring students, mentoring, assisting school faculty, or helping out during major school events. Each member participates in one of 12 different committees, each with a special dele- gated task in order to better assist the students, staff and faculty of the school as well as the local community. These 12 committees are Academic Recognition, Alumni, College Services, Communications, Community Services, Fundraising, Induction, Mentoring, Parent Services, School Environment, Tours, and Tutoring.


How does a student become a member of the NHS?

Students entering their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior years may complete an application to apply for membership. Applications will be sent out to students near the end of the aca- demic year and will be evaluated over the summer. A second round of applications is usually released at the beginning of an academic year. Students must have a GPA of 85 or higher, submit a completed application, and satisfy the point requirements for membership.


What is BETA Club?

The National BETA Club is a national honor society dedicated to promoting leadership and achievement in the areas of scholarship and service. With the motto “Let us lead by serv- ing others,” the BETA club stresses the importance of honesty, justice, service, cooperation, responsibility, humility, and charity.


How does a student become a member of the Beta Club?

Students can join the Beta Club in the beginning and the end of each school year. Sopho- mores, Juniors, or Seniors must have an overall average of 85 or better, fulfill the required hours of community service (hours vary depending on class year), verify eligibility from the COSA (Mr. Kaelin) and guidance counselor, and write a short essay on one of the two topics offered on the application.


What is Key Club?

KEY Club is a student organized club that helps build character and leadership through various service events in the community.


How does a student become a member of the Key Club?

Students may become members by performing community service and attending weekly club meetings, as well as completing a series of items accumulating a certain amount of points per year.


What is Club Credit?

Students accrue club credit by participating in Tech clubs and/or teams. Membership on any Tech club or team grants a student a minimum of 4 credits per semester. Certain clubs who meet/practice extensively earn more than 4 credits (i.e. Debate, Key Club, BETA, NHS, etc).


How much Club Credit is needed to graduate?

32 credits


How do students get acknowledgement of their club credit?

Club advisors must submit students’ names and OSIS numbers to 7C1, the COSA Office, at the end of the term in order for credits to be registered.


What is Service Credit/Community Service?

Service Credit/Community Service can be done in or outside of school.


How many hours of Service Credit/Community Service is needed to graduate?

Students need to complete 50 hours in total in order to receive a Tech diploma.


How do students get service credit?

Students can accrue service credit through volunteering in offices, for organizations, or groups either within the school or in the community. During school hours students can volunteer during lunch or free periods.


How do students get acknowledgement of their service credit?

In order to get credit for service, students must obtain written verification by a supervisor. If this is outside of school, the documentation should be on the letterhead of the organization listing the name and OSIS of the student, the service the student provided, the hours he/she worked, over what time period, and the name and contact info for the program supervisor. If it is in school, the department the student worked for can send the student’s name, OSIS, and hours to 7C1.

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