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Important Locations


Pool: BS1

Dean’s Office: BW2/4

Metrocards during the school day, after school in 1N1 until 4:30pm: BE2

Main Entrance: North East

Handicap Main Entrance: South East

Student Main Entrance (before 10:30am): Center West

1st Floor Gym: South West

Auditorium: Center

Main Lobby: Center

Parent & Student Engagement Office: 1W2

Working Papers: 1W2

Alumni Office: 1W9

Attendance Office; 1W10

Programming Office: 1W12

Principal’s Office: 1W18

Phys Ed Locker Rooms: 3rd Floor South

Infirmary: 3W22

Phys Ed Department Office: 3W26

Library: 5C1 (West)

School Store (GO Store): 7C1

COSA : 7C1

Student Government Office: 7C3

Guidance Department Main Office: 7S2

College Office: 7S5

Guidance Department Offices: 7th Floor South

Cafeteria: 7th Floor

Gym (CW staircase): 8th Floor


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