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Health and Safety


Does the school need to be contacted if a student is sick?

No, the school does not have to be contacted if a day or two is missed. Anything more than that the student’s
guidance counselor should be contacted immediately.


Do students need to bring a doctor’s note after an illness?

Upon returning from an illness students should bring a note to teachers (either from your doctor or parent)
have them sign the note, and then bring it to the attendance office (1W8a).


What if a child has to be picked up at school?

All persons picking up children must enter the building at the North East Entrance (South Elliot & DeKalb)
and present a valid, government issued photo ID. Only persons who appear on NYCDOE records or the Emergency
Blue Contact Card may sign a student out for dismissal. Parents may not give permission over the telephone to have
someone who is not listed to sign their child out of school. If you know in advance that you will be picking them up
from school, please make arrangements for your child to meet you in Room 1W2 at a specific time.


How do students find out about missed homework?

Missing class is not an excuse for missing homework. All students should have the phone number or email of a fellow student or two in each class. Some teachers post assignments on Moodle or via the school website.


Are there any make up requirements?

Each teacher has individual make-up requirements for missed days.

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