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Incoming Families - basic info

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When does school begin the first day for new students?

Freshman/new students arrive at 8am the first day of school and report to their prefect classroom where they
will receive including metrocards, student IDs and class schedules.


What is prefect?

Tech doesn’t have traditional homerooms. Instead students are arranged in groups called “prefects” which only
meet once or twice a term for distribution of important school materials. At the start of the school year prefect lists

with room numbers will be posted outside the auditorium and also posted on the Brooklyn Tech website. Prefect
information is also listed on each student’s class schedule.


Where do students enter the building in the morning and exit after school?

All students must enter the building from the west side, center section (Fort Greene Place). Students may leave from

any of the exits throughout the building. If a student arrives at school after 3rd period has begun, s/he will have to 

enter using the NE entrance at DeKalb and South Elliot.


What are students expected bring with them the first day?

Students should bring a planner, notebook/paper, pens/pencils. Books will be given out during the first week of school. Book policies and supply needs are set by individual teachers.


Going forward students are expected to have a valid Brooklyn Tech ID with them at all times. They will also need a Brooklyn Tech lock and gym clothes on physical education days. Gym clothes can be purchased at online and in the SGO store in the center section of the cafeteria. The lock can be purchased through the SGO (student government) store in the cafeteria.


How is the building laid out? 

There are five sections: north, south, east, west and center, which connects east to west. There are 9 floors as well as a basement where classes are held.


How does classroom numbering work?

Classes are numbered: floor, building sections and room number.  For example: 2E14 is 2nd floor, east side, room 14.


Are there elevators in the school?

There are 7 elevators in the building, going from the basement to the 8th floor. One is designated for staff, another is for facilities only and is used primarily by the custodial staff.


What is the elevator policy?

During the school day there are usually 2 elevators for student use that go directly from the 1st to the 7th floor. Those are for use
by all students. 


Student may receive an elevator pass, which will allow them to use other elevators in the building that stop on each floor, with a doctor’s note that specifies the duration of the need. All elevator passes must be received from Ms. O’Hara in room BW2.


How do students get lockers?

Lockers are not assigned. There are lockers in some classrooms and students may check with teachers to find out if they are  available to use.  Separate lockers are used during physical education class. Mandatory locks can be purchased at the SGO store. 


When is lunch? 

Students are scheduled for lunch between 4th and 8th periods. The cafeteria is on the 7th floor. 


Period 4      10:22am to 11:03am

Period 5      11:07am to 11:48am

Period 6      11:52am to 12:33pm

Period 7      12:37pm to 1:18pm

Period 8      1:22pm to 2:03pm


Are students permitted to leave the building during lunch?

There is no out lunch at Tech. 


How are class schedule problems handled?

Guidance counselors handle program change requests the first two days of school. They can be found after 9th period in lunchroom. Changes are not guaranteed.


When time does school start and end?

There are 10 periods in a school day. 1st period starts at 8am. Most students have a 1st through 9th period or 2nd (start time 8:50am) through 10th period schedule. Students who arrive early may stay in the cafeteria (7th floor), the auditorium or the library until their first class begins.


What is swiping in?

All students are required to swipe their ID cards when entering the building. Students are not required to swipe out when leaving school.


What do students do if they arrive late to school?

Students arriving a few minutes late will receive a late pass as they enter the building and must give that pass to their teacher. Students arriving after 3rd period must go to the attendance office (1W8) in order to have the student marked present.


What are ID cards? Where do students go if they lose them? What if I didn’t receive an ID card the first day of school in prefect?

Brooklyn Tech ID cards are the official photo identification cards distributed to each student as a member of the Tech community. Students are expected to have their IDs daily for entering the building and for use in the Brooklyn Tech library. If an ID card is lost, a replacement can be purchased in the SGO store, on the 7th floor.  Students then must bring their receipt to 1W2 where a new card will be printed.


Where do students go if they lose their Metrocard? 

Metrocards are given out  twice a year.  In September (good thru 1/31) and February (good thru the end of the school year). Each card is registered to a specific student. If a Metrocard is lost students must go to 1N1, between 2:30pm and 4:30pm for a replacement. 


How do students find out who their counselors are?

Guidance counselor names are printed on students’ schedules. Also, the first letter of a student’s 3 digit prefect code determines the counselor assigned to that student. That information can be found on the Tech website under the “Guidance” tab.


Does the school need to be contacted if a student is sick? 

It is not necessary to contact the school when a student is out for a couple of days. For anything more than that a guidance counselor should be informed immediately.


Do students need to bring a doctor’s note when they return? 

When returning from an illness, students should bring a note from either a doctor or parent to teachers, have
their teachers sign it, and then bring the signed note to their guidance counselor, who will put it in their file.


What if a child has to be picked up at school?

All persons picking up children must enter the building at the North East Entrance (South Elliot & DeKalb) and present valid, government issued photo identification. Please be advised, as per DOE Regulations, the school cannot release students to persons without a photo ID. 


Only people listed on NYCDOE records or the Emergency Blue Contact Cards may sign a student out for dismissal. Parents cannot give permission over the telephone to have someone who is not listed to sign their child out of school. If you know in advance that you will be picking your child up from school, make arrangements for them to meet
you in Room 1W2 at a specific time. In an effort to minimize disruptions to instruction, meeting times should be in conjunction with the bell schedule, which can be found at




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